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    Telling Stories With Motion and Magic


    A leader in transformational digital imagery, Sharecare Windows team of filmmakers carefully scout locations to capture breathtaking images that simulate the experience of actually being in that very place—at that very time. 



    An innovator in extreme high-quality original VR content and 360 tours, Sharecare Windows employs the latest technology to capture immersive and engaging VR programming for relaxation, meditation and commercial applications for the healthcare and hospitality industries.

    Award-Winning Eco Films

    Sharecare Windows films have been screened at 165 Film Festivals around the world and garnered over 40 Awards. In our search across the planet for the most awe-inspiring locations we experienced the subdued beauty and spiritual inspiration of the power of nature. Join us as we fulfill our goal to bring attention to the natural resources that sustain our planet and the life that depends on it. 

    Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing)


    Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) has been screened at over 73 International Film Festivals garnering 15 prestigious awards. Forest bathing is the practice of taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. The practice originated in Japan where it is called shinrin-yoku (森林浴). Proven by scientists to benefit physical as well as mental health Shinrin-Yoku helps to lower heart rate, blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost immunity and mood and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. Now available as a one-hour healing video.



    Screened at more than 84 film festivals worldwide and winner of 19 prestigious awards, this four-minute video journey takes you on a tour of some of the planet's most spectacular glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, rivers and waterways. Destinations include Iceland, Igauzu Falls Brazil, Atchafalaya Basin Louisiana, Lake Tahoe Nevada, Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Music score Reminiscence by Wieland Reisssmann and Peter Simmer. 

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    Sharecare Windows International Award-Winning filmmakers search the most remote destinations of the planet to capture some of the most breath-taking experiences and sights of some of the worlds' disappearing wonders. From the Yangtze River Gorge to the canals of Venice—images that relax our senses, engage our minds and captivate our imagination. 

    Nature's Window


    New for 2019. Nature’s Window brings the beauty of the great outdoors inside. This original collection showcases the inspirational beauty of nature accompanied by original music scores created exclusively for Sharecare Windows.  

    Cocktail Hour


    Window Channel brings you a relaxing and ambient background video with jazz piano accompaniment—perfect for the cocktail hour or just relaxing. Featuring iconic global destinations, this is one of our most popular ambient videos.

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    Sharecare Windows ad-free streaming service features our most popular relaxation, music, meditation, travel, spiritual and inspirational video. Use code WINDOW_50_OFF for a 50% discount subscription.

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    Sharecare Windows is the leading innovator and producer of original HD relaxation and wellness videos. Our library of twelve channels includes 225 titles and 400 hours of content. 

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